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(EN) Steampunk lamp inspired by models published on PARTcloud

  • This steampunk custom lamp is inspired by "Lamp - pipe/fittings" model by Josip Jakubiv published on PARTcloud.net. Even though it is quite simple 3D model, it was enough to start this project to see what we will achieve.



    There was no plan, no specific design, just some old parts and two bulbs. Old parts include a bicycle gear, truck filters, wooden base, plumbing fittings and an old barometer. You can find it easily if you go to any junk yard. Two old fashioned Edison bulbs (60W each) are included to add that magical Victorian era spirit and warm yellow light. Everything was painted in black first and bronze/cooper paint was added to some parts to create patina effect. From 3D modeling to reality. This is the final result. Hope you like it!



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