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(EN) CADENAS Croatia - St. Catherine Fair 2018 (Slavonski Brod, Croatia)

  • For the first time, CADENAS Croatia was presented at St. Catherine Fair 2018 organized by city Slavonski Brod, Croatia. The fair was officially opened on 22nd and closed on 25th of November. As always, several thousands of people had a chance to visit exhibitors' booths who showed their products and offered their services and CADENAS Services d.o.o. was one of them. With a hologram, printed models and virtual 3D models, our booth was very attractive tempting everyone to stop by and check what is going on.

    CADENAS employees did a great job by providing information about CADENAS, its important role in 3D modeling world, our PARTsolutions software, how 3D modeling actually works, what benefits companies/manufacturers can gain, but also offered great job opportunities to interested visitors what was our main goal.

    Anyone who was interested in had a chance to see the whole process from beginning to end and how the finished product looks like. They could also try it by themselves and learn something new.

    Overall, successful presentation at the fair by CADENAS Croatia and we opened the door to new generations!