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(EN) CADENAS Croatia Christmas Party 2019

  • What a great Christmas party! Every year CADENAS is raising standards and that includes parties for our hard working employees, too: excellent food, great service, beautiful restaurant and, the most important thing, amazing atmosphere!

    The party was held on 20-ieth of December 2019 and more than 150 employees were present. It started at 13:00 sharp and lasted till late evening hours. In fact, some employees are still there, celebrating...  

    As always, there was a short introduction regarding our growth during the last few years, increase of number of employees, our future goals, etc. Of course, we expressed a gratitude to all our CADENAS employees for their dedication and hard work and wished them a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2020.








    After really delicious meal (let's be honest, many of us went back several times to the buffet to grab more food!) and „few“ drinks to upraise self-confidence, it was time to start with our entertainment and funny games. First one was Beer drinking for ladies. We had only two competitors: Kristina Vukelić and Nikolina Farena, but both worth more then pure gold. First round was so fast and both ladies drank their beer at the same time, so we had to repeat the competiton one more time. And then we got our winner – Kristina Vukelić!







    Beer drinking for men brought more competitors as we expected: as long as there is a free beer, who cares who will win. Classic... They told us they were practicing during the whole year just for this competition. This is why most of them do not owe driver's license any more. The one who managed to slip a glass of beer faster then others was Ivan Horvatinović. Congratulations and no, you will not get a case of beer as a reward, so stop asking, OK?







    And now something really special: The Voice of CADENAS karaoke competition for employees from foreign countries who had to sing a song on their native language. Our funny hosts Krunoslav Mirosavljević and Danijel Musić called „Hawaiian Double Trouble“ introduced competitors (order by appereance):


    1. Ivan Kurdija - Bosnia and Hercegovina
    2. Ruza Knezevic - Macedonia
    3. Felipe Marcelo Macao Magalhaes - Portugal
    4. Nikolina Farena - Ukraine
    5. Semmih Cufalar - Turkey
    6. Olga Čolak - Russia
    7. Igor Pavlov - Serbia
    8. Ilir Hulaj - Albania


    We had a chance to hear nice songs from different countries on their native language and that was a new and educational experience for all of us. Of course, we do not have a clue what they were singing, so we honestly hope they did not make fun of us. Guess we will never find out... The voting system was very simple: the competitor-singer who gets the loudest applause is the winner. And the Golden Voice of CADENAS Croatia award goes to...

    Olga Čolak from Russia for her song „Kalinka“!

    Congratulations, well deserved!

    We heard that record companies came after the party and offered Olga contract to start new super-star career, but she refused them on her elegant way. We are proud of you, Olga!









    Also, we had two duets:

    1. Olga Čolak vocal & Filipe Magalhaes on guitar performed one Russian romance song
    2. Ilir Hulaj & Igor Pavlov performed national Albanian dance

    Their performance was great and atmosphere was hot enough to provoke others to start dancing with them.



    Then the final competition came: eating cakes – no hands. Simple as that. And we still had to explain several times! One more thing: we are still confused how someone can eat anything, even a single cake after so much food they had just one hour earlier??? Incredible...

    Our super-heroes (who get their super-powers from buffet) applied for this entertaining game and could not wait to start eating that cake in front of them. As soon as they heard „Go!“, they jumped on that poor cake. We had 2 winners, so it was undecided. They had to repeat the competition (yes, they ate one more cake!) and the result was the same, again. Finally, we decided that both of them will be winners: Luka Mitrović and Kristijan Skoko! Congratulations and we truly admire you.

    See you in hospital, guys!






    The Christmas party continued, the brave ones joined the band and sang well known songs, others had deep-mind conversations and some just laughed – no conversation needed, so everyone had great time on their own and original way.

    Once again, thank you all for being a part of this amazing Christmas party, because you are the one who made it special and you truly deserved it.


    CADENAS wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!








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