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(EN) PARTcommunity 7: This is what the new version of the popular 3D CAD download portal offers to component manufacturers

  • This is how the new PARTcommunity features support your marketing and sales team

    The new PARTcommunity 7 simplifies the locating and downloading of intelligent 3D CAD engineering data for engineers and purchasers and is therefore the ideal marketing & sales tool for component manufacturers. Version 7 of the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity from CADENAS was published in June and holds in store, among other things, the following new features for users:

    • The creating of simple product configurators without development expenses
    • An optimal smart sales tool
    • A new statistics dashboard with coherent reports
    • The integration of goBIM information


    Your product configurator without development expenses

    Product configurators with simple functionality can be created easily and quickly without any development expenses within the eCATALOGsolutions software solution with the new PARTcommunity Version 7. The selection of individual variables can be distributed on multiple tabs and sorted according to the logical order of choices.  Moreover, assistance in the form of an info box can be created for each variable, a great help to engineers and purchasers for product configuration.

    Product Configurator from CADENAS

    Product Configurator from CADENAS

    Even closer to your customers with Smart Sales

    Cold calling is expensive for the sales team and the success takes time. The optimized Smart Sales solution enables you to quickly identify potentially new customers directly at the PARTcommunity download portal. Instead of working through endless Excel lists, the CAD downloads are clearly displayed and can thus be systematically evaluated. Version 7 also makes it possible that only the download information of the customers and prospects in the sales employee's designated sales region are displayed. In combination with the current GPS position, prospective customers can be located in the immediate surroundings. This makes possible, e.g.: an optimal route planning for the sales representitive.

     Smart Sales Tool from CADENAS

    Innovative new statistic dashboard with revenue increasing in-depth analysis

    CADENAS once again revolutionises the market by offering component manufacturers a brand new statistic dashboard with numerous revenue increasing in-depth analysis such as a comprehensive overview of download statistics.

    Download data for the current month can be found on the dashboard along with links to further reports with detailed tables and graphics.

    Download Statistics from CADENAS 

    Optimized preview images of your components

    The preview images of the components are greyed out with the PARTcommunity Version 7 as soon as the selected component no longer matches the preview image. The user then receives the notice to update the preview images via a button in the middle of the preview.

     Configuration Preview from CADENAS

    This is how customers can get to your component quickly and easily

    With the new PARTcommunity Version 7, simplified deep links are possible as long as the order number of a component has already been classified. Simplified deep links can be created with the two pieces of information "catalog name" and "order number of the component", where customers and prospects get directly to the desired component or the respective assembly.

    In Version 7 a new assistant is available for users of the 3D CAD download portal. By clicking onto "Help" in the header, the user is clarified about all the important functions of the PARTcommunity download portal via the info box.

     Help Assistance with PARTcommunity 7

    Help Assistance with PARTcommunity 7

    Help Assistance with PARTcommunity 7

    Helpful additional information for building planners

    The topic of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is gaining significance in the sectors of architecture as well as civil engineering and technical building services (MEP/HVAC). The new version of the 3D CAD download portal integrates for the first time important additional information for building planners from the website goBIM.com. In future, optimal service in the area of BIM will be offered by the 3D BIM data from PARTcommunity together with the knowledge database on the relevant component information from goBIM.

    The 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity is based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology from CADENAS for Electronic Product Catalogs. In 2016, engineers, purchasers and architects all over the world downloaded over 212 million digital CAD models from PARTcommunity along with the linked 85 vertical market places (online market places, portals and social communities).

    Further information about Electronic Product Catalogs and the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity can be found in our eCATALOGsolutions brochure or at: www.cadenas.de/electronic-productcatalog.