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(EN) Sommerfest 2019 - Slavonski Brod, Croatia


    Last Saturday, 7th of September 2019, was one of those special days when CADENAS Croatia is saying „THANK YOU“ to its employees by organizing Sommerfest as we do every single year. The happening was held at our local aero-club „Jelas“ in Slavonski Brod, Croatia.


    As always, the place was crowded since the beginning till the end with blue and white CADENAS colors. Employees and their families arrived at noon and chatting started right away, kids were playing soccer, teams were „battlefield“ for dart competition and karaoke while hungry ones were waiting for the lunch to arrive.

    After great food and few drinks, everyone was full of energy and could not wait to start with the games. Finally, the kids playground was opened and children's laughter was the loudest than the music in background. Everybody wanted to get inside, even some employees who's attempt „But, I am still a child at heart“ did not pass.


    Meanwhile, dart competition was ready: steady hand and hawkeye were the most important to see who will win among 14 teams. Results were tight, patience was cruical and, one by one, teams were leaving the competition. The final game was between „Trule Kobile“ and „BiH“ teams. Well, that was one exciting game for sure! Colleagues from their teams were cheerleading and supporting their „tigers“, but the first place belongs only to the best one and that was „Trule Kobile! team! Congratulations, well deserved victory! Even although it happened on 7th of September, they are still there celebrating their victory!


    Final dart winners:

    1st Place: Trule Kobile

    (Dražen Ambrozić, Sanjin Lešković, Ilija Pavić, Mladen Stepić)


    2nd Place: BiH

    (Zvonimir Zeljko, Robert Brekalo, Marko Kožul, Marko Sertić)


    3rd Place: pITAdo

    (Tomislav Vidović, Zvonko Sabljić, Bruno Mahnić, Tomislav Schmidt)


    But, the best part was our karaoke, because we did not know we have such a great singers at CADENAS! Several „rising starts“ took microphone and started singing their favorite songs, so the whole crowd joined them right away! We had a chance to hear songs from other countries like Turkey and Russia considering some of our employees are from different countries and that was a real pleasure. At the end, the one who gets the loudest applause is the winner.


    And the Best Voice of CADENAS Croatia is....

    Olga Colak from Russia!

    2nd place: Ivan Kurdija – Croatia

    3rd place: Semmih Cufalar - Turkey

    Congratulations all, what a great performance!







    Songs and fun continued late in the evening until it was time to go home and some guys needed to have their designated drivers considering they had „ a hard day at the office“ called Sommerfest.

    Thank you all for being a part of this great event and see you next year!

    CADENAS rules!