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(EN) B2Run Croatia 2019 - Zagreb, Croatia (CADENAS team)

  • Our CADENAS team participated in the last B2Run Croatia race held in the city of Zagreb October 3rd 2019 and this time we had three employees representing our company. Short reminder: It is 5 kilometers running competition organized for companies located in Croatia. That was the 4th race in the series of four and more than 8000 runners were present this time and more than 1000 supporters (total of 414 companies). This sport event keeps getting more and more popular and the number of runners/companies is constantly growing. Weather conditions were excellent, considering the temperature was +17 Celsius degrees.

    This year, we had an international team of supporters, made of CADENAS employees that are of foreign nationalities (in alphabetic order: Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Macedonia, Portugal, Russia, South Africa and Turkey).

    CADENAS finished the race taking 27th place overall, and 10th place as medium size company (50-250 employees) with total time 1:00:04.

    CADENAS team individual score:

    Luka Đerek – 18:49 (38th place)

    Matko Bednjanec – 18:58 (45th place)

    Danijel Juric – 23:19 (598th place)

    CADENAS is now officially the fastest IT company with its average team time 20:02. This is an outstanding achievement considering us being 3D modelers, developers and IT guys in general. Therefore, we are proud to announce the reaching of our goal we pushed for earlier towards healthier approach to life, and towards our business network expansion.

    “Active together!” Was the slogan of The Croatian Business B2Run Series, the largest of all running races held in Croatia. As it were, B2Run family enrolled Croatia within the global racing world map, which indeed fits into what CADENAS is all about – the global leadership. This year this running series is enriched with national honors and awards, which gave special recognition to companies in their field of activity. It is said that foundation of national awards is successpridecompetitiveness and above all - the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

    Working at an IT company although interesting and challenging, has its downside like largely involving long sitting hours. Things are getting tougher as our Croatian chapter is located in Slavonia County where the food and traditional kitchen is delicious to the point where trying to “not pack around the waist” presents the challenge on its own. Well, as hard as it may look, CADENAS took the challenge, pulled up its running shoes and came to the race to show everyone that IT guys can in fact pull on the sports fields!