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太阳灶 (19088 views - Environmental Protection)

太阳灶是一种利用太阳能来进行食物烹饪的灶或炉,主要有两种不同的太阳灶:集中式和盒式。由于不使用燃料,太阳灶被用来缓解沙漠化和植被破坏。太阳灶最早被记录由Horace-Bénédict de Saussure于1767年发明。 太阳灶的存在许多类型,包括抛物面太阳灶,太阳能烤箱,和面板灶具等等。
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A solar cooker is a device which is used to cook food directly under sun light without using Gas, LPG or electricity. It's a clean process of outdoor cooking. There are two types of cooker, box type and parabolic type. The later one is more efficient.

We make our own solar cooker out of a cardboard box of 235mm x 235mm x 140mm in size. We used five pieces of thermocol inside the box as insulator as show in the video. Sizes were, 230mm x230mm x30mm one pieces, 200x110x10mm two pieces and 225x110x10mm two pieces. For top we have used a 4mm thick glass of 230mm x 230mm.  The reflector on top of the box was 470mmx235mm big.

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太阳灶是一种利用太阳能来进行食物烹饪,主要有两种不同的太阳灶:集中式和盒式。由于不使用燃料,太阳灶被用来缓解沙漠化植被破坏。太阳灶最早被记录由Horace-Bénédict de Saussure于1767年发明。



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