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聖誕燈 (8868 views - Day Of)

聖誕燈(英语:Christmas lights),又稱仙女燈、童話燈(英语:Fairy lights),是慶祝圣诞节而裝飾的燈,經常在整個聖誕節期間展出,包括將臨期和聖誕節浪潮。這個習俗可以追溯到圣诞树用蜡烛裝飾的時候,基督教象徵聖誕燈是世界之光。欧洲联盟委员会將聖誕燈視為危險裝飾品。
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聖誕燈英语:Christmas lights),又稱仙女燈童話燈英语:Fairy lights),是慶祝圣诞节而裝飾的燈,經常在整個聖誕節期間展出,包括將臨期聖誕節浪潮英语Christmastide。這個習俗可以追溯到圣诞树蜡烛裝飾的時候,基督教象徵聖誕燈是世界之光英语Light of the World[1]欧洲联盟委员会將聖誕燈視為危險裝飾品[2]


  1. ^ Felix, Antonia. Christmas in America. Courage Books. 1999 [2017-01-27]. ISBN 9780762405947 (英语). German families brought a small tree into the home at Christmas time as a symbol of the Christ child, and decorated the boughs with cutout paper flowers, bright foil, apples, sweets, and other fancy treats. Another feature of Christmas that took a uniquely American turn in the nineteenth century is the tradition of Christmas lights. Candles were traditionally placed on the Christmas tree to symbolize Jesus as the light of the world. 
  2. ^ Susannah Keogh. WRECK THE HALLS Warning over ‘dangerous’ Christmas fairy lights which can burst into flames. The Irish Sun. 2017-11-18. (原始内容存档于2018年4月24日). 

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